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NEXTXEN is confident that its leading-edge product line is of great value to virtually all engineers and scientists involved in digital signal processing (DSP) and data analysis, and that it serves as a useful tool in the academic arena for conveying underlying signal processing principles and concepts to students.  NEXTWave signal processing and neural network tools are designed to provide time-saving utility and expertise for both novice and experienced developers alike.  NEXTXEN DSP software and neural network software provide a solid foundation for your application development.

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NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab

The NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab is an innovative digital signal processing & data analysis software package that provides you with a live 3D interactive signal environment with programmable capabilities. It includes support for digital filter design, real-time A/D data acquisition and D/A signal generation, FFT spectrum analysis, data logging and more. (see also, Texas Instruments DSP support)



Digital Filter Design Wizard

The NEXTWave Digital Filter Design Wizard provides a streamlined approach to creating FIR and IIR filter implementations. This software tool walks through easy-to-follow steps that result in the design of Butterworth, Chebyshev I, Chebyshev II, elliptic, and Kaiser window filters. Impulse and frequency response graphical displays, coefficient generation to file, and C source code generation are also included.



CodeBox C Source Code Library

CodeBox software is a DSP algorithm library source tool that provides developers with signal processing algorithm source code on demand. It includes source code models for signal processing algorithms (e.g. FFT, digital filters) and can be useful for developing embedded DSP applications.



NEXTWave Speech and Audio Analyzer

The NEXTWave Speech and Audio Analyzer provides a software environment that delivers professional spectrogram analysis for real-time speech and audio analysis. This spectrum analyzer software includes customizable FFT analysis options to enhance spectrographic waveform display.



xDAIS Algorithm Wizard

The Algorithm Wizard reduces the learning curve associated with moving to the Texas Instruments TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard (xDAIS/xDM). Provides support for digital signal processing development for DSP chips (e.g. TMS320C64x).




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