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DSP Labs

NEXTXEN's Academic Program is intended to help advance the technical edge in your engineering curriculum. Leading-edge software products combined with classroom-appropriate content will enable you to easily augment the educational experience for your students. NEXTXEN's 'hands-on' approach to signal processing allows difficult concepts to be more easily understood, and can quickly help lower the learning curve. These exciting educational labs have been designed to be simple to learn so students can experience technology in a fast, easy-to-navigate, fun environment. NEXTXEN offers price-reductions for our product line to qualifying academic organizations.

NEW! NEXTXEN Introduces DSP Lab Curriculum - DSP Software Labs for Undergraduate Course Study

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The DSP software lab has been designed to augment the traditional academic signal processing curriculum with a hands-on approach to understanding basic and advanced DSP subject matter. These concept-driven labs are targeted towards undergraduate engineering studies, and cover a variety of signal processing topics. Topics of study addressed by the DSP labs include: sampling and aliasing, quantization and compression, periodic signals and harmonics, Fourier Series and Gibbs phenomenon, acquisition and generation of analog signals, windowing, convolution, IIR and FIR filters, transforms, digital audio effects, and real-world signal processing application examples. The lab exercises include sophisticated time/frequency domain analysis, including powerful spectrographic displays.
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