NEXTWave Speech and Audio Analyzer Overview

Powerful Spectrogram Software

Professional Real-time Spectrograms on Your PC

The NEXTWave™ Speech and Audio Analyzer is a powerful digital signal processing software package that provides you with an exciting and innovative interactive environment for acoustic data analysis.  Get professional real-time speech and audio spectrograms on your PC using a standard sound card.  The software environment provides a 3D 'virtual world' that allows both real-time A/D data acquisition and file-based operations.  This spectrum analyzer software includes FFT selection control that offers the Constant Q Transform (CQT) and arbitrary frequency zoom for enhanced spectrograph waveform display and data analysis.

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Dynamic New Technology

The intuitive user interface of this frequency analyzer requires little or no time studying documentation – put this frequency analyzer to use right away analyzing data in real time or from disk files.



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NEXTWave Speech/Audio Analyzer

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