NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab Features

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Analyze Data - See Your Signals in a New Light

NEXTWave™ SPL is a DSP software tool that allows for sophisticated time/frequency domain data analysis, including powerful spectrographic displays.  Features include a variety of advanced options such as topographical markers, tags, 3D rotation, gesture-based panning, and more.  Analyze your existing data with an intuitive interface.  Drag your waveform data files into the SPL signal processing environment for visualization in time and frequency, or simply measure real-time A/D data from supported data acquisition hardware.

Some real-world applications and examples using NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab software can be seen here)

spectrogram analysis

Process Data - Extract or Enhance

When you need to play with your data NEXTWave SPL is there, ready to help.  A large variety of functions to digitally filter, extract, discriminate, and enhance raw data are provided within the SPL environment.  Equally important, all these abilities are provided in real-time, allowing immediate visualization of the modified data.  Select from an extensive library of standard signal processing functions, or easily add your own custom functions with the open software architecture.

Create New Signals - Synthesize or Capture

SPL makes it simple to create or synthesize new signals from scratch using built-in signal generators and functions to provide virtually limitless waveforms.  Use them for comparison or test and measurment, or combine these waveforms with processing and use them in a variety signal applications.  In addition, Analog-to-Digital (A/D) and Digital-to-Analog (D/A) functions support hardware (such as a sound card or data acquisition boards) to allow live data to/from SPL for data logging applications.

Dynamic User Experience

measuring a signal

NEXTWave SPL attempts to be an extension of your thought process.  A key philosophy of SPL is to make it easy to get started and still allow the ability to go as far as your application needs take you.  And SPL is exceptionally fast - to ensure a live, animated, exciting user experience. 




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